Viral Hero: How To Build Viral Products, Turn Customers Into Marketers, And Achieve Superhuman Growth

About the Book

If you think “viral marketing” only refers to making videos or memes to get shares on social media, there’s a reason you’ve found it difficult to grow your business.

In Viral Hero, serial entrepreneur and growth engineer Travis Steffen reveals his comprehensive, battle-tested strategy for building products capable of true viral growth. Developed over years of research and more than a decade of starting, growing, and selling startups, Viral Hero includes a detailed breakdown of the many types of viral marketing, their various techniques and strategies, clear explanations of abstract and often misunderstood theories, simple tactics for measuring and predicting your viral growth, and actionable steps for making your product spread like wildfire.

Using detailed examples from real high-growth companies, Viral Hero is a comprehensive, approachable resource that gives you all the tools you’ll need on your journey toward becoming a viral hero for your business.

This book promises to offer “superhuman growth” and does *not* disappoint! So many pieces of tactical advice. This is a book you can totally take to the bank, amazing things for increasing sales & getting huge brand exposure. Completely recommended.

Andrea Lake

CEO, Sticker Junkie

This book absolutely shifted my outlook on entrepreneurship. So many “aha” moments while reading it the first time. I recommend it for any entrepreneur or anybody thinking of starting a business of any kind. 5 stars. Would have given 6 if I could have.

Josh Watkins

Amazon Reviewer

This is a fantastic book on modern social and viral growth. Travis covers all of the bases here that is helpful for any digital marketer regardless of experience. I’ll be purchasing the book for the whole marketing team to read. Thanks for this awesome resource you’ve given me, Travis!


Amazon Reviewer