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While this has historically been one of my favorite things to do, I've opted to halt any 1:1 mentorship outside of the Silicon Valley accelerator programs I mentor for. It simply consumes my entire day, which I'd prefer to devote to building new companies. That said - fear not. There is still a way to get some face time with ol' Trav.

If you’re an entrepreneur, the easiest and fastest way to get my personal attention is to apply for coaching. Click on the "Coaching" link on the top nav bar to learn how. (If the option isn't there, it means I currently have a full coaching roster and can't take on any new clients at the moment.)

If that's not your thing, the next best things are subscribing to my Automated Growth Newsletter, grabbing all of my free guides and courses, listening to my podcast and all the other podcasts I'm on (I try to make time to be a guest on at least 1-2 third party podcasts per week), or just connecting with me on Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. While the content I put out is a team effort, the writing and replies are always authentically me.


If you're a coaching client, your fastest path to get what you need is to reach out to me or my team on Slack.

If you need anything else or you have questions about prior newsletters, guides, courses, or anything in between, feel free to email us at


Another of my favorite things to do is public speaking, and I've been becoming more active on the speaking circuit. I regularly speak at universities, accelerator programs, masterminds, conferences, and private events.

If you’d like to inquire about a speaking engagement, please contact my team at

I sincerely hope you get everything you need from all of the resources I've made available to you. If you're craving anything else, please email us at